Y6 Company of Others Dance Project

This year, Year 6 are involved in an exciting dance project, led by Nadia Iftkhar and supported by Jenny Chrisp from a dance company called Company of Others.


Company of Others are a group of 11 dancers who are all over the age of 65. The dancers have a strong passion for dance and creating choreography that speaks of their experiences. They aim to inspire their peers, celebrate age, challenge preconceptions of age and provide unique dance experiences for audiences which are sensitive, moving and outstanding in quality. The group rehearses weekly at West Denton Community. Year 6 pupils are working with them to create a new dance work, premiering 24th March 2020.

The theme of the work will be based on the things that the dancers love, that might be a person, an object, a place or an activity. We hope this theme will ignite intergenerational conversation about the things we love and create opportunities for the dancers to share movement and the stage.

There are many well researched benefits to intergenerational collaboration, the most obvious are how older people can feel their energy ignited by the presence of young people and how young people can feel nurtured and supported by older generations. We hope the work will create unlikely friendships as well as bring the whole community together to celebrate their achievements.