The Additionally Resourced Centre (ARC) at West Walker Primary School is a specialist provision for Newcastle learners aged 6-11 (Years 2-6), who display social, emotional and mental health difficulties (SEMH) and require additional support in order to access learning. The ARC works in partnership with NHS health care, CYPS, Social Care and other relevant professional bodies to maximise the support available.
The ARC offers small group interaction (maximum: 6 children/2 staff). The aim of the ARC is to re-engage children with their learning and to support those who are ready to access mainstream education in school, when and where appropriate.
Children follow a highly differentiated curriculum that takes in Numeracy, Literacy, Phonics, Science, Art, PE, Geography and History. Activities are addressed through both formal and practical based tasks often dependent on the child's preferred learning style. Social interaction is greatly encouraged through PSHE, social games and group activities.