Behaviour management

Alongside the school's behaviour policy, we have an in-class behaviour management tool which parents might have heard about! 
The behaviour rainbow
All children have their own name label.  
The children all start each day on the green section  ('ready to learn').
From there the choices they make in class will dictate whether their name moves up or down the rainbow.
Reasons for moving up
Exceptionally good work
Showing good manners
Being kind to friends
Enthusiasm for learning
Trying their best
Reasons for moving down
Shouting out/not putting hand up
Being unkind to others
Not showing good manners
Not trying
Children whose names are on red will have a time out where they will be encouraged to reflect on their behaviour and how they can improve.
Children whose names are on orange ('make better choices') will receive a verbal warning and behaviour is being monitored.
Children whose names are above green will be celebrated each afternoon...
Children whose names are on purple will receive a sticker.
Children whose names are on pink will get to choose a prize from the 'dippy box'.