Becoming a local governor

Some governors are elected by parents and staff, others are nominated by the local governing committee for approval by the trust board or co-opted directly by the local governing committee.
Any current vacancies that we have are listed below.
If you would like to register your interest in any future opportunities to become a trust governor at West Walker Primary School or any of our other academies then please contact us.
Our leaflet on 'Becoming a local governor for NEAT' below will tell you more about what is involved:
Parent governors
We do not currently have any vacancies for a parent governor at West Walker Primary School.  
Trust governors 
We do not currently have any vacancies for local governors for West Walker Primary School to be appointed by the trust. 
However we are always seeking nominations from suitable individuals for trust governor positions at our other academies.  If you would like to be considered, please contact the NEAT Governance Support Adviser in the first instance.